30 Days | 002

Track 2 of the 30 Days project is about the process of stopping; breaking through the ordinary and mundane to make something new.


Come away (Make something new)
Move with me (It all starts today)



I wanted to try to add some meaning to the song, some symbolism, instead of just making up loops. I was inspired by my experience of stopping, moving and making from the previous track so I decided to make the track in two movements. The first movement is mundane, then its followed by a stop that leads into the second movement, making. The second movement consists of the same parts but other textures have been added to create something new. The stuff we find in the mundane can be made into something great, you just have to do something to move you past the mundane and into something new.


What I’m learning

Vocals. I loved having vocals in this track. I felt that really gave meaning and life to the song, even if they were simple melodies and lyrics.

Creating vs editing. I‘m learning is there is a big difference in creating and editing when making a track. I’ve noticed I really like playing instruments and putting musical ideas together, but when I’m editing and arranging in Ableton, that’s where I really start to lose interest and get frustrated. That may just be due to my inexperience in Ableton or my newness at completing and finishing tracks, but it’s been eye opening to break down the process of creating music.

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