I’m Alex Sawyer

My Story

Throughout high school and and youth group I was heavily plugged in the with youth tech crew. I loved mixing, setting up slides, and running lights. That passion for technology eventually led me to start pursuing recording. I loved mixing and music (I had been playing cello since the 6th grade) so naturally recording seemed like the perfect fit.

Jack of all trades, master of none a few, actually.

Through the later parts of my high school days I became more and more plugged in with the youth praise band and I eventually led worship with that team where I sang and played acoustic guitar. Soon these two passions kept building and I loved the aspect of playing music live, but I still had such a strong passion for technology.

In the winter of my senior year of high school I went on the middle school trip to Winterfest at Liberty University. During that trip many of the kids asked me if I was going to Liberty next year and the thought really never crossed my mind. The idea of going to Liberty popped up again as I was sitting through a recruiting session and showed some of the degree programs offered at Liberty. While I was reading the words Worship Technology jumped right off the page at me. From that moment I really started to consider going to school to be a worship leader. It was through this trip that I started to view my life and my dreams through a completely different lens. I love music and leading people in worship, but I’m also so passionate about technology as well. It was the perfect fit for both.

Through my experiences at Liberty, along with traveling home every weekend for my first year & 1/2 to lead worship and various summer internships, I’ve grown so much in what I know about technology. I’ve learned a lot about graphic design, website management, video production, photography and more. I’m not at all an expert in these fields but I definitely know enough to get my feet wet and help people pursue their passions in those fields.