30 Days | 002

Track 2 of the 30 Days project is about the process of stopping; breaking through the ordinary and mundane to make something new. Read More

30 Days | 001

This is the first track of the 30 day challenge.
This track came as a pleasant surprise based on just getting up and going.
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30 Days

30 Days | 10 Tracks: An experiment in showing up, deliberate practice and finishing Read More

Does my work matter?

The other day I uploaded a design in progress to Dribble, and, since I hadn’t been on dribble in quite a while, I started looking around. It’s such a beautiful and colorful place it can really be inspiring! But this time it wasn’t so magical for me. Read More

How To Turn Off Work When You Love What You Do

Working as a freelance designer, I love every aspect of my job (yes, even the taxes part occasionally). However, I sometimes struggle with how to turn off work when I “go home” for the day. Read More

Balancing Extra Work as a Freelancer

The biggest perk of being a freelancer is your flexibility. You get to choose your hours, your projects, and your value (specifically, how much you charge) in everything you do. Using that flexibility, you can take on extra work to add supplemental income and pursue other passions.

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11 tips to prepare for a Client Meeting

A good initial client meeting can get things moving very quickly. If you’re prepared, it lets your client know that you mean business and you’re ready to work hard. It’s also a win win; you want to get paid faster and they want their new shiny design faster. Having a good initial meeting can setup the whole project for success. Below are some tips to make sure that first meeting is a success.

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Videos of the Week—2.28.14

This week I’ve got some good animation videos complete with in depth behind the scenes! Let’s get started!

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Videos of the Week — 2.21.14

This week’s Videos of the Week features some great shorts all filmed with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

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Videos of the Week — 2.14.14

Well it’s Valentines day which means you’re watching this cause you’re at home on the couch with a tub of ice cream, you’ve finally finished getting everything ready for tonight, or you’re waiting for the big night. Either way, here are some videos to help pass the time!

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