A Word from God

A Word from God

This was the Bumper video for the message series "A Word from God." Produced while under employment at Suncrest Christian Church

This video was my first ever dabbling in motion graphics and After Effects. I keep it around to remember how much I've grown but also as a reminder of how much I absolutely loved creating this project.

Lessons Along the Way

  1. This was my first time every writing a script for a video I was producing

Principles of Design

  1. Font Selection. I was working from a pre made sermon series graphic that unfortunately used the less-than-great Dakota Handwriting font (in my mind, the handwriting version of comic sans). A rule I always stick to is to follow the direction of the graphic designer, but in this case I knew I couldn't use this font for an entire text-only video, so I decided to go with a more neutral font and just went with Helvetica.
  2. Background selection. In the beginning of my journey, I knew it was important to have a good background, but at the time I just wasn't aware of how to get a good background. Looking back, I'm thrilled I was able to make this circular gradient that worked out pretty well.