Audio Production

Mixing audio is so much more than a technical skill, it truly is an art. I started mixing at a young age where I developed my technical abilities and learned how audio works. As I’ve matured, I’ve gained much experience and I’ve grown as an artist making me an exceptional audio engineer.



I’ve been mixing since 7th grade. By starting at a young age, it allowed me to start learning the technical parts of audio at a young age. As I grew older, instead of technical skills, I’ve been able to sharpen mixing skills that take years to master like gain structure, EQ and compression.



Musical Background

As I’ve grown as a musician, I’ve grown as an audio engineer. I know how instruments work and how to capture their sound. I’ve also played live myself many times and know the feeling of a stage mix. Being a musician enables me to work closely with musicians to craft the perfect mix – whether for the house or monitors.



A desk with MacBook Pro and audio interface

I am an Artist

I’m a lifelong artist, whether it’s through playing music, crafting mixes, writing, or designing graphics. Being an artist means I never stop growing. I’m constantly learning and searching to get better at any work my hands find – especially mixing audio.



Black and white faders on a soundboard/

Mixing is my art

Mixing is truly art. I’m not just pushing faders, there’s no “set it and forget it.” When I’m mixing I’m creating art by mixing the instruments together. Just as the music is constantly changing and evolving, so are my mixes. I deeply appreciate music and the creative process and I carry that same appreciation into my mixes.




Services Offered

  • FOH Engineering
  • Monitor Engineering
  • Touring – FOH & Monitors
  • Training & Consultation
  • Custom setups (keyboard rigs, guitar rigs)