Do You Even Like the Photos You Post?

Do You Even Like the Photos You Post?

Do you like the photos you post on Instagram? Or are you trying to take pictures that other people think are good? Do you ever post pictures just so people will like them?


One time while at the beach I took a photo on Instagram and one of my friends (who is now a suggested user) commented and said it was awesome (you know it’s legit when someone actually comments). But here’s the thing; I don’t even like that photo.

I think it looks washed out, bland, and boring. But he said it was awesome… That means I should always take photos like that right? I should make all my photos look as close to that photo so they’ll be “good” and people will like them, right? Not quite.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of photos that have thick filters. I like shots that have rich color and details that look like you had an actual camera and not a smartphone. Sure I love the occasional filter, but I’m realizing that the photos that I find appealing aren’t the most popular and likable photos and that’s okay.

That’s how I express myself. That’s what I enjoy. That’s how I tell my stories.

Do you ever alter your photos so more people will like them?