I often struggled with the idea of having a portfolio. In the past, I wasn’t much of a design guy, so having a portfolio just didn’t make much sense. To me, a portfolio was for people who needed to show their skills to help them get a job.

I’ve never really needed it for that since I don’t do much design work and God was always the One who put jobs in my lap (in His perfect timing might I add). But there was always something inside of me that wanted to have a portfolio. There were even times when I started planning to get a portfolio and would surf the web to find a sweet theme, but whenever that idea came around I quickly killed it because I thought that was just me trying to promote myself.

Until I ran across this post.

This was a whole new take on having a portfolio that I had never thought of before. I begin thinking of new dreams and ideas and putting them in a portfolio.

As I was looking to move my blog to a different theme and feel, I started browsing around other blogs and design sites to see what others were doing. I ran across Jim Lepage’s site and found that he has both a work and a play page—an idea I definitely wanted to use.

The idea of having a fun/play page really struck me because it gave me a place to show different pieces I’ve done on the side instead of letting them live in a folder never to see the light of day.

Thus, you have my new site!

So it’s true. You can have a portfolio that isn’t all about you or trying to get a job.

Literally all it takes is a different mindset. Just remind yourself that you’re doing this for fun, not to promote yourself and build your own kingdom.

I give you permission to go build a portfolio. I want to see your work.

So maybe it’s time you make a tumblr page or install a new portfolio theme. Maybe you need to start a blog for your writing. Maybe you paint or sketch and just want to show some of your friends. Maybe you just need frame/display your art. Whatever it is, go give your art a home.

And once you do, drop a link or comment below so I can follow your work!