My “experience” at #echo13

This is what Echo 2013 looked like for me:


Something is happening at Echo13.

I can feel God moving at Echo.

But let me make something clear. I’m not at Echo.

I’m nowhere near Dallas. I’m actually in Indiana at the moment.

You see, I’ve wanted to go to the Echo Conference for years but I still haven’t been able to. So last year and this year I decided to follow the conference on twitter via @echoconference and the #echo13 hashtag.(I’m so thankful for Twitter and the power of hashtags). Since the conference started warming up in Monday, I made sure all the tweets from @echoconference were being  pushed to my iPhone. I was determined that I would find a way to experience Echo13.

During Jon Acuff’s keynote I was laughing along as the tweets rolled in since I’ve heard some of his stories and I was picturing the laughter that was coming from the conference.

As I have been at work these past few days I’ve woken up to updates and long distance excitement:



It’s really as if I was there too.

When Donald Miller took the stage for his keynote I felt something change. Just through Twitter alone I could see the impact his words were having. Tweets started flooding faster than I could pull down to refresh the app. Things were getting very real.

I was sitting around working on a design project and things got very real for me personally. Donald’s quotes just kept building until I got to this tweet.



At that very moment I could feel God’s Spirit moving and changing something in me. It was as real as if I were in the room at echo. The power of our God.

Here are some of the highlights that I’m walking away with:



I loved every minute of #echo13

And you can bet that I’ll be at #echo14!

In person.



Looking for notes from Echo? Don’t worry, Brad Zimmerman has you covered:


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