My Site Title Experiment

Throughout my life, I’ve redesigned my website numerous times. Some have been complete overhauls, other’s were minor edits. The one thing each redesign had in common was how I talked about myself.

I’ve always hated having to try to figure out what to call myself. How does a person know who I am when they visit my site? Is there one word or phrase that encompassed the many art forms I am passionate about? I never found one, so I kept finding myself changing my site title and about page to update with a current version of what I was up to.

One day, I was working on a site design and I had the idea to make a site title that changed on every page load. So I did! Now every time a page loads on my site, different site titles appear of things I like to call myself, instead of me trying to have to pick one.


On Work

A challenge I soon came across was the professional side of my website. In the past, I saw myself as a brand that would help people create great designs or art and I would write my site to best showcase the work I had done and talk about how I can best help a prospective client. Along the way I learned that I’m a human, not a brand.

I’m a human, not a brand

The problem is humans are much more diverse and unique than brands. Brands are well defined and communicated. Humans are not. We’re complex beings who do many things and can be good at many things.

Thus my site title is no longer a means to define who I am in one word, but rather it’s a glimpse into who I am as a person. Cause when you work with me, you’re not working with a brand or an agency, you’re working with me, Alex Sawyer.

Thanks for reading about my site title experiment.