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A fresh redesign of the Suncrest website.  Client: Suncrest Christian Church

During my internship with Suncrest, there was a lot of talk about upgrading the website. The previous version was put into place a while back, and after Suncrest grew and started multiple campuses, they needed a better way to organize their content in a way that could be easily updated by a volunteer team, and better understood by their users.


Challenges, Problems, and Solutions

Suncrest faced some unique challenges with their website. Due to the church size, they don’t have a full time staff person to keep it running, so they rely on various staff members and volunteers to keep it updated. Next, their back end wasn’t user-friendly to those who needed to make the changes, not to mention the CMS was discontinued and outdated. They wanted a website that would clearly communicate the three campuses, would host message videos, and would be able to host their “Cultivate Blog.” When looking into different options, it was clear that WordPress would offer the best solution.

WordPress gave us a very open platform to customize the front end, and the freedom to make any additional changes down the road. Even better, we were able to customize the backend with specific post types and entry fields, making is super simple for anyone to help keep their website up to date. Overall, the content strategy was improved and streamlined, and they now have a system in place that will give them room to grow and expand, making their new website a sustainable, long-term solution.

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