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Website Design and Content Management. Client: Alex Sawyer

The Creatives is a side project of mine which is a storytelling project and community for artists, designers, and anyone who creates. When creating the website and other branding elements, I really had to work hard to be my own client.


Problems, Challenges, and Solutions

The initial challenge was deciding how the site would look and feel. Because my target audience is creative people, I wanted something that looked unique, but still effectively communicated the vision to those who don’t consider themselves “creative-types.” I decided I wanted a strong front page that shows the overall vision in a one-page format, but then link to other pages for users to get more information. There are a few sections of the homepage that helped me achieve this goal.

The strategy for The Creatives was to use curiosity to get people’s attention. For example, a user sees a big bold image with good copy, and they want to know more. Immediately, they scroll down and see the tagline. From there, they can click to read more about The Creatives, or keep scrolling down to explore further. The next section explains how they can join The Creatives and tell their story. Lastly, there are the recent blog posts in chronological order.

Overall, each section of the homepage gives the reader an overview of The Creatives, and then offers them the ability to read more by clicking a button. The homepage is also very flexible so other sections can be added over time to help emphasize different things going on with The Creatives.


Another challenge with the site is determining the call to action. There are multiple actions I want users to take: inquire about The Creatives, take a survey on creativity, and to join and tell their story. The problem is deciding which of those should be the primary call to action, and how to emphasize that. I started by ordering them by priority:

  1. Inquire and learn more about The Creatives
  2. Join and tell their story
  3. Take the creative survey

The way this worked out on the website was to use the homepage to explain the vision behind The Creatives. Joining is still important, so it get’s its own section on the homage since it’s a part of the overall vision. Lastly, the creative survey is just a blog post since it’s low priority but can be emphasized later through the blog and social media. Overall, determining the content helped me finalize the vision for The Creatives and got the website to its final stage.

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Some images of The Creatives website:

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