Videos of the Week – 1.31.14

To those who may not be familiar with the Echo Hub, it was “a site for church communicators, storytellers, designers, and video producers.” Unfortunately, the Echo Hub (and the related Echo Conference) shut their doors, which was a huge bummer since I loved following the blog they had. One of the things I’ll miss the most are the videos of the week that used to come out every Friday. Then I got thinking. Why don’t I just curate the videos each week? And there you have it folks!


Now introducing Videos of the Week

Ironically enough, the first Videos of the Week happens to be on a day where Vimeo is facing some downtime, causing some videos to not play. So if you’re not seeing some of the videos below, they’ll hopefully be back up soon!

First up, in honor of the coming Super Bowl we have A Guide to American Football.

Next comes a semi-famous talk by Ira Glass on the gap between skill and killer taste.

Those Australians really know how to make kids stay in school.

I really enjoyed Andy Martin’s work on The Planets. Here’s my favorite, Planet Twelve. What’s your favorite planet?

Saving the best for last. Every now and then you find an incredible short film on Vimeo, and SLR is definitely one of them.


Have a great weekend! And remember to point your non-football friends back here for some good lessons!

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